Chapter 61
Postface by the living Buddha Tse Kong

                                                 POSTFACE BY THE LIVING BUDDHA TSE KONG                             In spite of their most sophisticated scientific equipment and their advanced technology, humans of today can only explore superficially the domain of spiritualism, and their knowledge about it is, unfortunately, quite meager. As long as humans refuse to participate in the laborious practice of spiritual perfection to open the 3rd eye of clairvoyance and see through everything, spiritualism will remain dim to their eyes and vague to their reasoning.                                             Man possesses three spiritual forces: seminal essence energy, vital breath energy and spiritual energy. His temporal body, which we call a bag for containing food, and a coatrack for hanging garments, will not last long because one fine morning the earth, water, wind and fire in him will metamorphose, his body will decompose and become dust and ashes. Man departs leaving behind him his deserted palace.                                                                                                                    Because of this phenomenon, his perpetual soul can acquire another existence and another body, he changes his features and form and again sees daylight with a renewed face. The prophets of different religions in all times and all nations, also the Immortals endowed with divine powers who are well-versed in the mystic domain, have seen these phenomena clearly and they can testify to my sayings.                                                                                                                The publication of the “Voyages to Hell” is due to the mercifulness of God. He suffers greatly at the sight of humans grovelling in the dust of the terrestrial world. For a long time the three vices, greed, anger and foolishness have been raging among the humans. They immerse the virtues, create indescribable karmas and drag society toward complete perdition. It is therefore necessary to redress the religious way as soon as possible, and reestablish a happy life for the humans. Particularly, it is imperative to disclose the real situation of hell in order to forewarn the humans, to reform their manners and ways, guide them toward good, propagate the truth and the religious way, enhance a devoted faith and a clairvoyant conscience.                                                   After reading the Voyages to Hell, the lucky man will ponder over it, and will “forsake his butcher’s cutlass”. With all my heart, I hope the readers will return to their serene self which is the genuine nature of Buddhas. After the busy days of the past two years, my heart is now filled with serenity and enchantment. I now commune with myself calmly, in depth of thought to reach attunement with the rhythm of God, our Supreme Being.                                                              Respectfully, I dedicate this dictum that serves as a conclusion for this book:                                    “Misfortune and happiness have no door,                                                                                                  Man himself sows the seed of cause                                                                                                             Good and evil are reaped like the image and its shadow”                                                                      The Temple of the Sages, June 29th, 1978 (year of the horse)                                                                 Respectfully,                                                                                                                                                      The Monk Tse Kong                                                                                                                                        Final Poem of the Temple of the Sages                                                                                                        Knowing the Tao is awakening from obscurity                                                                                          As the dark room being filled with resplendent light                                                                               If man neglects self-regeneration in this life,                                                                                              Then when does he hope to find another time?                                                                                         The end                                                                                                                                                                Volume 1 Volume 2